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Clarks Kids Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Questions

Can I buy Clarks kids shoes in the United States?
Clarks is now carrying kids shoes in select Clarks stores across the country. For a complete list of stores, please visit our Store Locator.
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Can I buy Clarks kids footwear online?
No. Making sure that your child's shoes are a good fit is the first priority for both you and Clarks. We encourage you to find a local Clarks store that carries Clarks kids and have one of our specially Trained Fit Experts carefully measure and fit your child. Please visit our Store Locator to find a store carrying Clarks kids shoes near you.
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When is my child ready for his or her first pair of shoes?
There's no need to rush your child into shoes. In fact, we recommend delaying the first fitting for as long as possible. Being barefoot (or using a well-fitting pair of socks) is great exercise for tiny feet and helps their development. But when you feel your child's feet need protection, it's probably a good time for a first pair of shoes.

At Clarks, we promise that we will only sell a First Shoe if it's just right for your child. Learning to walk comes in stages. First comes crawling, followed by cruising — when your child will use the nearest support to help themselves move around. Walking is the final stage — with all the excitement of a child's first independent steps. Clarks kids shoes are specifically designed for each of these stages.
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I was told my child had to be able to walk independently before being fitted for their first pair of shoes.
Is this right?

No, this is not true. It is also not necessary for your child to be walking with toes flat before they can have their First Shoes.
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What sort of shoes should I buy?
The most important thing is to buy shoes designed for the stage your child has reached — crawling, cruising or walking. Then, only buy shoes that fit your child's feet. Clarks kids shoes come in whole and half sizes, with a choice of widths, and are crafted with built-in room for growth and additional padding. Shoes without these features risk damaging the delicate bones forming in your child's feet.
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Is it necessary to get my child's feet measured?
Measurement is important — but it's just the starting point. What's most important is that your child's shoes are fitted properly. Keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • Certain styles suit different foot 'types', so it's vital to check the fit of each pair that your child tries on
  • Because fit can differ by style, it's common for a child to be fitted with a size or width different from the measurement originally taken
  • Experience counts — it's crucial that the person helping you is fully trained in fitting children's shoes
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Should I buy a certain style of shoe, such as a T Bar or Bootie?
Select the style you like best. If the shoe fitter is satisfied that the style fits and that your child can move happily while wearing them — that's the right shoe for you and your child.
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Why is leather so important for children's shoes?
Children often spend more than 10 hours a day in their shoes. With over 250,000 sweat glands in each foot, they can produce more than an egg cupful of perspiration every day! Leather “breathes” to let air in and moisture out — helping your child's feet stay healthy and cool all day.
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How fast will my child's feet grow?
Children's feet grow very quickly! During their first three or four years, your child's feet can grow as much as two whole shoe sizes each year. By school age this slows to about one whole size each year. Clarks offers free fit checks to help ensure that your child always has a shoe that fits properly and that this period of rapid growth progresses normally.
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Store Locator

Clarks kids shoes are available in select Clarks stores across the United States. Use our Store Locator, refine your search for Clarks kids stores, and see if Clarks kids are available in a store near you.

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