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Free Your Feet
Unforgiving surfaces and challenging terrain force the foot out of its comfort zone. Clarks Plus intelligent underfoot cushioning restores natural positioning so you move in the way that's best for you.

The Challenge
When you walk, the ball of your foot should act as a pivot, with the bones beneath your big toe - the sesamoid bones - sitting below the other metatarsals. All too often, though, shoe design and construction doesn't enable the bones to sit in their natural position. And when your foot isn't properly positioned, walking can become uncomfortable and tiring.

Our Solution
Clarks' expert shoe designers developed and tested Clarks Plus technology, in partnership with a team of biomechanists, to create intelligent underfoot cushioning. Clarks Plus can be adapted to any of our shoe designs, and is precisely and anatomically placed to enable the foot bones to sit in their most natural position.