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Clarks WAVEWALK™ was created to enhance the experience of walking, allowing you to walk longer and farther with less fatigue and greater comfort. The difference is the unique curved sole that helps your foot roll smoothly each time it touches the ground. The rolling motion reduces the impact of each step and uses your natural momentum to propel you forward. Now walking feels effortless, from the very first step.

Unique curved sole, smoothly rocks your foot forward, minimizing the impact of each step, resulting in less body fatigue
Transitions heel motion to the slightly rounded edges of the sole and begins the smooth forward motion

Concave heel softens heel strike and absorb shock, reducing stress on joints
Carbon rubber pads reinforce the high-wear toe and heel areas providing traction and durability
Extra support at the toe reinforces and guides your foot to roll off the big toe, enhancing natural walking motion

The Clarks WAVEWALK™ Collection carries the Seal of Acceptance from the APMA™