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Foot Care

Don't neglect your feet! Paying attention to your feet, as part of your daily hygiene regimen, can go a long way toward overall comfort, wellness, and health.

Keep feet clean and dry. A decent daily foot wash, ample drying time, and wearing a breathable sock (particularly from natural fibers such as cotton or wool) are essential.
Prepare for the elements. If the weather is inclement, make sure to wear durable socks and a waterproof shoe.
Pick the right shoe for your day. If you'll be on your feet for the duration of the day, avoid high heels or shoes that are less comfortable to you. Choose active shoes if you plan to break a sweat.
Alternate shoes each day to reduce odors and ensure proper drying of all shoes (particularly a shoe's inner materials). Use a shoe tree to facilitate drying and preserve overall shape/longevity.
Indulge in the occasional pedicure from a reputable salon. According to podiatrist Dr. Marlene Reid of the APMA, "pampering and grooming your feet promotes good foot hygiene and ... contribute[s] not only to your foot health, but also to your body's overall health."