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Modern Hybrid Dakin Walk

When designing the Dakin Walk, we looked to our own archives for inspiration. Traditional construction methods, classic Clarks design elements, and modern styling create a fresh and new casual summer shoe.

Supporting Styles
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At a glance Dakin Walk

Unlined suede, stitched mocassin construction, and an eye-catching sole make the Dakin Walk a head-turner that is unbelievably lightweight and soft.

• The Clarks XL Extralight sole is three times lighter than comparable soles, yet just as durable and comfortable.

• Unlined premium suede is soft and breathable. Wear them without socks for ultimate comfort.

• Contrast stitching, a jagged sole, earthy hues; the craftsmanship details make this shoe stand out from the crowd.

Unrivaled comfort, unmatched style

Comfort and style, a delicate balance follow function and form. It's a simple design philosophy that we believe is always achievable, and especially so in the new Dakin Walk. Constructed from unlined, super-soft premium suede, the butted-seam design shows the joints on the shoe's exterior (making it that much smoother and wearable on the inside).

Lay back in the Dakin Walk

Style with substance

Since 1825, Clarks has pioneered groundbreaking designs and innovative construction methods in the service of designing stylish shoes that are a pleasure to wear. The new Dakin Walk men's shoe carries on this tradition with its quality craftsmanship and unique design.

Butted seams Mocassin construction Whip Stitch

This "inside out" style of construction (where the suede joints are on the shoe's exterior) creates a smooth and incredibly comfortable interior; while looking great, too.

The lightweight and flexible build wraps around the foot, while unlined suede presents an incredibly soft touch.

Bold and decorative whip stitching defines the style, and adds a twist to the everyday casual look.

Mauro Bismarque


East Londoner Mauro Bismarque, 25, divides his time between studying structural engineering and modeling. His personal style focuses on a love of color, with eye-catching pieces that never stray into territory that's too flamboyant or eccentric.

How has your style evolved overthe years?
I really love color, and tend to pick up on certain colors for the seasons. When I'm at model castings and meetings I'll tend to tone down the way I dress, still my style but with a bit less color.

How important are shoes in your personal style?
My mother always said that you can read a person from their shoes. I've always remembered that!