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Interior Shoe Care and Maintenance

Why is Interior Shoe Care So Important?

We've all been there. You take off your shoes and are suddenly hit with an embarrassing odor no one should have to experience, which leaves you wondering… how did it get to this point?

As people primarily focus on how their shoes look on the exterior, they often forget about the importance of keeping the interior in equally good condition. One of the leading causes for shoes to be thrown away is odor, therefore performing regular maintenance on the inside of your shoes will extend their life and leave you with a clean and odor free pair for years to come. Your shoes may work hard to keep you comfortable wherever you go, but interior shoe care makes sure you're just as comfortable taking them off wherever you go.

How to Take Care of the Inside of Your Shoes

It is a best practice to perform routine maintenance on the inside of your shoes at least once a month to prevent odor and provide a clean environment for your feet. Check out the Clarks Shoe Care and Maintenance Guide video above to give you the tools, tips, and tricks on how to keep the interior of your favorite pair of shoes in great shape for years to come.

To clean the interior of a shoe:

Combine water with a few drops of detergent and baking soda to form a paste.
Wipe the full interior of the shoe with the paste and allow to dry for 15 minutes.
Wipe away the dry paste with a clean rag.

Or, use the following Clarks products for easy and convenient care designed to restore your shoe’s interior to its original condition:
Spray the interior of the shoe with Clarks Spray Deodorizer to disinfect and prevent odor.
For open foot bed shoes, apply and scrub Clarks Sandal and Clog Cleaner to the inside of the shoe and wipe clean.
Spray Clarks Water and Stain Protectant across the full surface of the leather.
Use a shoe tree to prevent odor and maintain the proper shape to decrease creases in the top of the shoe.

Long-Term Care

Please remember to visit your local Clarks store for Clarks Spray Deodorizer, Clarks Sandal and Clog Cleaner, and Clarks Shoe Trees to keep the inside of your shoes feeling and smelling great for years to come.

Say good-bye to smelly shoes, and hello to a like-new pair you're sure to be proud of!

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