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Shoe Care Tools and Supplies

With the right supplies, your shoes will last longer, feel better and always look their best.

Recommended Product

Our Triangle Shoe Care Kit contains one horse hair brush, two horse hair daubers, two polishing cloths, and black and brown cream shoe polish. Use this product on any genuine leather product to maintain and protect the natural beauty of the leather.

Cream Polish

Cream polish is offered in many different colors to match your Clarks footwear. It's easy to apply with a horse hair brush, but should never be used on suede or nubuck.
Cream polish won't add as much color as a wax polish.

Edge Dressing

Edge dressing is most commonly applied to dress shoes with leather soles.
Edge dressing comes in black or brown and will enhance the appearance of the outsole as well as protect it.
You can apply edge dressing easily with a brush or sponge.

Horse Hair Brush

There are usually two different colors of horse hair brushes: a dark color for darker polishes and a lighter color for lighter polishes.
The brush is used to work the polish into the leather and also helps remove excess polish on the shoe.

Shoe Horn

A shoe horn helps protect the back of your shoes as you slide your foot in, maintaining its shape and fit.

Shoe Spray

Shoe spray protects the surface of the shoe, making it easier to clean if they get dirty.
The spray is usually non-silicone based to ensure that it doesn’t change the color of the footwear.
Spray does not make the shoes waterproof – just water resistant.

Shoe Trees

Shoetrees can extend the life of your shoes up to 30% or more!
They help absorb moisture, drawing the leather back to its original shape as it dries, extending the life of the uppers and insoles.
Shoetrees also promote even wear of the shoes, maximizing the life of the soles.
Cedar trees are the only effective type of tree. Plastic and metal do not achieve the drying effect.
A secondary and also important part of shoetree use is to maintain the shape of the shoe. The tree will eliminate fine lines where the shoe flexes.
Once you take off your footwear for the day, immediately place the cedar shoetrees into your shoes and leave them in the shoes until the next wearing.

Suede Block and Brush

The block is used for erasing dirt and stains from the suede or nubuck. Use a fair amount of pressure when erasing the stains and dirt.
The brush also helps in cleaning, and can be used to brush the suede and nubuck to enhance its appearance.

Wax Polish

Apply wax polish to leather shoes with a slightly damp cloth.
Wax polish adds more color and shine than cream polish.

Remember to purchase the Shoe Care Kit by Triangle on the Clarks website for long-lasting leather shoes that look great, or visit your local Clarks store for products such as Clarks Water and Stain Protectant, Clarks Leather Polish, and Clarks Suede and Nubuck Foaming Cleaner to prevent future damage and keep your shoes in great condition for years to come.

Polishing and Restoration