What to wear to a summer wedding

Is there anything more joyful than a summer wedding? The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and the days are blissfully long. But best of all is the summer wedding fashion.

Warm weather means endless outfit possibilities, allowing you to dig out your fanciest frock and very best shoes. Want to know what to wear to a summer wedding? Keep reading to find out!

Summer wedding outfits for women

When it comes to women’s summer wedding outfits, a dress seems the obvious choice. But you’re in luck if you prefer pants over skirts, as masculine silhouettes are equally popular at weddings.

Get inspired with our formal and casual summer wedding outfits.

Formal summer weddings

Formal wedding dress codes are fun because they allow you to go all out. If you don’t get much chance to dress up in your day-to-day life, formal weddings let you go as big as you like.

The gown that’s been hanging in the wardrobe since the day you bought it? Now’s your chance to wear it! Long maxi dresses, floaty midi dresses and cute skirt and top combos are all welcome at formal weddings. Patterns pop nicely in wedding photos, so choose a dress with a ditsy floral print or zig-zag design.

For those who don’t like dresses, why not opt for an androgynous suit? Choose a bold color and pair with high heels to stand out from the crowd. For a slightly more relaxed look, combine high-waisted formal pants with a tucked-in button-up shirt, and accessorize with dainty jewelry.

Casual summer weddings

Casual summer weddings give you the freedom to wear whatever you want. But before you grab your favorite pair of jean shorts, it’s worth mentioning that there are still some rules when it comes to dressing.

Dressing for a casual wedding is like dressing for a smart-casual interview. It’s best to leave jeans, shorts, athleisure, and flip flops at home, and instead opt for a slightly more formal look.

A floaty summer dress in any length will be a guaranteed hit, or you could pair a maxi skirt with a fitted tee for the ultimate smart-casual wedding look. If you prefer pants, wear a wide-leg pair with a pretty bralette, or choose tailored pants and combine them with a tucked-in patterned shirt.

Summer wedding shoes for women

If you’re searching for shoes to wear at a summer wedding, look no further than Clarks. We offer women’s shoes in a range of styles, colors and fits, helping you find the ideal pair:

  • Sandals – the perfect shoe for a summer wedding, sandals are comfortable, stylish and effortlessly glam. Wear them with feminine, floaty outfits for a boho vibe. Walk taller with our platform and wedge sandals.

  • Loafers – for a masculine edge to your wedding look, loafers are a fantastic choice. Wear them with a suit or fitted pants to complete the look.

  • Heels – choose a pair of heels to elongate your legs and add formality to your look. We offer a variety of comfortable heels for a wedding guest.

  • Flats – flats can be stylish too! Ballet pumps, slip-ons and flat sandals will add the perfect finishing touches to your look.

Not sure which style to choose? Browse our full collection of dress shoes for more inspiration.

Summer wedding outfits for men

If you’re looking to spruce up your go-to wedding outfit, get inspired with our summer wedding outfits for men.

Formal summer weddings

If you’re attending a formal summer wedding, aim to dress stylishly with the heat in mind. While suits are great for formal occasions, you don’t want to pass out from the heat!

If you’re wearing a suit, choose a light color to reflect the sun and leave the jacket at home. Unless you’re in the official wedding party, formal pants and a smart shirt and tie will be more than enough.

Switch your suit pants to chinos and swap your tie for a dicky bow for a more preppy look. If the day’s set to be a scorcher, consider suit shorts or chino shorts – but check with the bride and groom that this will be okay beforehand.

Casual summer weddings

Received an invitation to a casual summer wedding? You’ll have plenty of choice when planning an outfit.

Aim to dress for a smart-casual interview. It’s up to you how formal you go, but stay away from anything too casual, like jeans and jean shorts, sneakers, and baseball caps.

Linen shirts are lightweight enough to stop you from overheating. Linen creases easily, so bring an iron if you’re traveling with your wedding outfit. Meanwhile, chino shorts are perfect for sunny weather and look great with a short-sleeve smart shirt. If you’re staying for the evening, bring a suit jacket to keep warm.

Summer wedding shoes for men

If you’re searching for shoes for an outdoor wedding guest, look no further than Clarks. We offer a variety of men’s shoes for all occasions, helping you get suited and booted for your summer wedding:

  • Dress shoes – ideal for formal and casual weddings, dress shoes are a timeless classic. They’re usually made from leather or suede, and popular shades include black and brown.

  • Casual dress shoes – the ultimate smart-casual shoe, casual dress shoes are a more wearable version of dress shoes.

  • Loafers – loafers are another classic wedding shoe style. They’re light, airy and easy to slip on and off, making them perfect for a summer wedding.

  • Sandals – attending a casual wedding? Sandals are an excellent choice. Wear them with chino shorts for the ultimate casual summer wedding look.

What colors should you not wear to a summer wedding?

When attending a summer wedding, most people tend to wear colors to represent the season and the joy of the day. Top summer wedding colors include pastels like baby blue, pale pink and lilac, and primary colors like sunny yellow and bold blue. Patterns can also add some fun to a look.

As a general rule, we recommend staying away from black and white shades at a wedding. A white dress can somewhat outshine the bride, while black is associated with funerals. If you wear black dress pants, jazz up the look with a bright top and jacket, or a colorful tie.

We hope we’ve inspired you with our wedding outfit tips. For more style advice, head over to our blog.