In My Shoes:Victoria Jones

The first feature in our new Five Minutes on Fashion series, Clarks’ Head of Product Victoria Jones chats to us about her modern-feminine aesthetic, favorite Clarks pieces for spring-summer, and what’s inspiring her as we embrace the brighter days ahead.

I am seriously looking forward to getting dressed up and getting back out there!

Tell us about yourself? What makes you tick?

Right…so I am 38, love my work, love traveling, spending time with friends and family and generally letting my hair down. Lockdown has been a real challenge and I have really missed being around people and being out and about, so as we head into spring/summer I am seriously looking forward to getting dressed up and getting back out there! I have spent most of the last 12 months in my gym gear so am going to take every opportunity to make an effort as we open up. I am all for comfort and, like everyone, I need the odd PJ day, but for the most part I feel at my best and most confident when I am making the effort to look good and make the most of my wardrobe – clothes, shoes and bags!

What does ‘style’ mean to you?

I would describe my style as simple, feminine and honestly quite ‘modernly’ classic – I love great fitting staples that I can pair multiple ways and although of course I want to be comfortable I haven’t quite ditched my more dressy items for all out comfort pieces! I love some everyday elegance.

For me, ‘style’ is the thing that I feel I look good and feel good in and the thing I ‘go to’ day in day out – and definitely when I am having a ‘what on earth do I wear’ moment.

I love some everyday elegance

Show us your wardrobe staple, what can’t you live without?

You can probably see from what I have pulled out, my go to is a great pair of jeans – wide, skinny or culotte!

My denim cut offs are my favorite for the spring/summer as they go with everything and you can dress down with sandals or simple ballerinas, or transition to night by switching for some classic, pointed pumps.

I usually pair with a simple vest, T-shirt or white shirt (of which I have many). I also love a great midi dress – simple but super flattering and again, easy to dress down in the day and up at night.

Do you have a big splurge?

Of course! I love a bit of retail therapy and try and update my wardrobe every season with a few key pieces. I am a high street lover so I head straight to Zara, Mango and Arket for my staples but I love a treat when it comes to bags and shoes!