For the World Ahead

Originality and innovation have always been in Clarks’ DNA. And we know more than anyone how small steps create big strides. So, to change the world of tomorrow, we’re moving forward today.

Enter: Our spring/summer Clarks collective. As part of our ongoing commitment to creating positive social progress, we’re now proudly collaborating with three more incredible trailblazers making moves in authenticity, inclusion and wellbeing.

Mother, model, actor, and ambassador Jourdan Dunn; poet, artist, and model Sonny Hall; and Principal Dancer with the Royal Ballet, Marcelino Sambé, together champion the power of self-acceptance, acts of service, and connecting with our communities. And to amplify the voices of these innovative individuals? We’re giving them our platforms, sharing their unique stories and supporting their work through this season and beyond.

Learn more about how our latest group are making their mark right now, and for the future, in the videos below.

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Uplifting somebody also uplifts you

Jourdan Dunn Mother, model, actor and ambassador

Uplifting others, paying attention to positive energy and learning to forgive: three of the life-changing affirmations in Jourdan Dunn’s toolkit when she’s navigating modelling, acting and motherhood. And when it comes to parenting in particular? It takes a village. Jourdan balances her fierce dedication to son Riley with trying to take some of the pressure off – and always reaching out when she needs it.

Since Riley’s diagnosis with sickle cell anaemia, Jourdan’s brought her passion for connection and community to advocate for the Essenelle Foundation: a holistic wellbeing charity supporting sickle cell warriors and their families through therapy, counselling, and non-traditional therapies like yoga and meditation. We’re thrilled that Jourdan now champions this incredible work through our Clarks Collective, and chats to us about fashion freedom, her strong sense of self, and the importance of nurturing strong support systems for the world ahead.

Watch Jourdan Dunn’s film.

The human part of you is what is really special
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Marcelino Sambé Principal Dancer with The Royal Ballet

Dance: it’s Marcelino Sambé’s superpower. His strength. His safe space as a queer person. From growing up in Lisbon with a small community of African immigrants to his home in London today, dancing has always been a place for Marcelino to embrace his individuality and humanity – which he believes is the secret for all of us to shine.

After trying to be ‘perfect’ in the ballet world, Marcelino began appreciating his differences – and he now joins our Clarks Collective, with the potential to inspire others infusing everything he does. And for his world ahead? Marcelino wants to see more representation in ballet – telling queer and inclusive stories, celebrating uniqueness and speaking to a new generation with a fresh vision of what ballet could be. Hear from Marcelino about the power of differences, appreciating talent and hard work, and expressing ourselves through authentic (and joyfully embarrassing!) style choices.

Watch Marcelino Sambé’s film.

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People should be daring

Sonny Hall Poet, artist and model

Poet Sonny Hall can’t imagine life without writing. Beyond crafting words, poetry has profoundly shaped his bold take on living – from fostering creative bravery to cultivating a fellow courageous community. Key to Sonny’s growth are those wonderful friends: who challenge each other, communicate honestly and act decisively.

Whether taking strides in style or artistry, Sonny’s ethos is to push, challenge, keep moving – a natural change-maker for our Clarks Collective this season. Sonny now shares his uniquely forward-thinking approach – accessing meaning and expression through everything from words on paper to shoes on feet. Always being daring in the world ahead.

Watch Sonny Hall’s film.