Best kids shoes. Ever.

White high-top trainer boot


We are kids specialists. Everything we stand for, everything we know, and everything we care about goes into every pair of shoes we make. We know what growing feet need, which is why we combine five expert design elements to make the best kids shoes. Ever.

Simple because less is more

We’ve been studying the biomechanics of kids’ feet for over 70 years, so we know exactly what they need to grow and develop as nature intended. Combining our innovative craftsmanship with pure design, our shoes will only ever be made from the necessary elements needed to support healthy foot development.
Nothing more. Nothing less.

Close-up of the toe of a white trainer

Stable support and balance

70% of information in our brain comes from the 200,000 nerve endings in the soles of our feet. Amazing, right? That’s why our shoes allow maximum surface contact with the ground to support a balanced and stable ride. Unnecessary cushioning can reduce the sensory link to the ground, so we only ever use cushioning if it enhances the performance of the foot.

Fit unbeatable comfort

Correctly fitting shoes provide the freedom feet need to grow and develop naturally. Every Clarks shoe starts as a hand-carved wooden last, which means every style is designed for a natural foot-shaped fit: bending and flexing in motion with growing feet, providing comfort in every step. Our expert in-store fitters will help you find the perfect fit for your child.

Light freedom in movement

We design shoes that liberate movement through comfort. The lighter the shoe, the more natural the foot motion. It makes sense, right? Reduce the weight of the shoe and you’ll reduce the energy required during motion. Combining our innovative shoe technologies with soft, lightweight materials, our shoes provide kids with the freedom to move naturally.

Flexible natural walking motion

Walking, running, climbing, jumping – however a child wants to move, our shoes will move with them. From the fabrics and leathers we use to the advanced cushioning in our lightweight soles, the construction of each shoe is innovatively designed for maximum flexibility, providing unbound freedom in movement.


Find the ultimate fit

Every kid deserves comfort in movement. Correctly fitting shoes keep feet healthy by enhancing natural development. Find your perfect fit with our easy to follow guide.


A young child, covering his face, wearing a grey cardigan

0-4 Toddler

Feet at this stage are precious; bones have not yet developed. Perfectly fitting shoes that allow feet to grow and develop naturally will never be more important than now. When it comes to first steps every child is different, they can start anywhere between 9-18 months.

A young girl wearing dungarees

5-8 Kids

From age five, your child will have conquered their speed and you’ll start to notice a more adult walking motion. They will become increasingly more active in games and sports. Correctly fitting shoes and trainers will support and enhance comfort in movement.

A side-on view of a young child wearing an anorak

9-12 Youth

Although your child’s feet may look just like yours at this age – just smaller and plumper – it’s still important that the shoes they wear are the best fit possible. That’s where we come in. Our shoes bend and flex with the natural motion of growing feet, helping kids to find comfort in every step.