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In My Shoes Chinese New Year

Power, courage, strength - Chinese New Year’s Year of the Tiger celebrates bold beginnings and style strides. So it’s only right that our latest In My Shoes explores all things confidence - whether it’s experimenting with eye-catching colours or challenging trends.

We chat to promising Chinese fashion influencers Nancy, Huo Fan, and Ne Zha and Wang Saida about their journeys into the blogging world, their unique mix and match approaches to dressing up, and how Clarks sneakers complement their styling choices all year round.

How do you describe your style?

Ne Zha & Wang Saida: We don't have a fixed style or formula, but want it to create an atmosphere and set the scene.

Huo Fan: I usually like street and casual styles, and I also like Japanese and Korean styles.

Nancy: Colourful! Often, my colour inspiration comes from things I see every day in nature and life. From traffic lights (I find the contrast of red, yellow and green really eye-catching) to a sunset glow - pink, purple and white are such romantic shades. As long as the combination of colours is well considered, there's no issue.

How do you define fashion?

HF: To pursue your own personality and style, and not to blindly follow trends. The most important thing is to be yourself.

N: This is also the answer I've been searching for! Now, I feel that being undefined is also a style. Wearing whatever I want is my style.

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How does being a fashion blogger affect your style?

NZ & WS: Even though we blog as a couple, we actually deliberately don't choose the same clothes - most of the time we aim to echo small details, like accessories or colour blocks in our outfits.

HF: In the past, the clothes in my wardrobe were monotonous, and the colours were mostly black, white and grey. Now, I try more different styles of clothes, and the colours are bolder.

N: I definitely pay close attention to fashion on social media. I experiment more with styles and colours, and mix up how I put outfits together - instead of sticking to a fixed way of wearing things. I still focus on comfort in my everyday life when I'm not working, though.

How do you think your style will evolve in the future?

NZ & WS: Every age has different experiences, and we're looking forward to how the future will shape our styles. Recently, we've been liking American style, because we started learning street dance again this year. We'll look to combine the style of Japanese teenagers and the style of American youth.

“Fashion is about pursuing your own personality and style, and not blindly following trends. The most important thing is to be yourself.”

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