In My Shoes With Anthony Iban

Good food, good music and good vibes. They’re the 3 golden rules of Days Like These Brunch. Anything and everything else goes, including 100,000 tickets sold in over 15 iconic cities across the globe. Inspired by New York daytime parties, DLT has changed the London party scene. Living it up when the sun comes up, events are hosted in the capital’s hottest spots, showcasing a vibrant array of DJs, mixed with bottomless mimosas, prosecco and mocktails.

For our latest In My Shoes feature, we caught up with Anthony Iban, co-founder of DLT as he mused about life at DLT and the mash-up of high-end to low-key dancefloor styles. Explore more and find out if it’s your jam!

Tell us about yourself… what makes you tick?

I’m Anthony Iban one of the co-founders of Days Like This, I’m a south Londoner through and through. I love music more than you could ever imagine but equally the most avid reader you’ll ever meet.

My friends, family and team can testify that I find it hard to sit still! I’m constantly on or doing something and I guess that comes from a place of loving a challenge or something to conquer this keeps me inspired and on my toes.

What does ‘style’ mean to you?

Style is everlasting. It’s very personal and should be to each individual, style is your stripes, your mark and your character shown for all to see. I appreciate the way you can often tell a lot about a person by what they choose to wear. Sometimes the brands they support, the silhouettes they wear, the patterns, shapes and textures they put together to create an outfit tell you so much about them as a person before you even speak to them.

Describe the fashion you see at DLT Brunch parties?

The fashion at DLT firstly, is amazing. It showcases a great array of choices from high-end design from luxury brands and huge fashion houses, streetwear from smaller, more boutique brands, unique items sometimes created by the party goers themselves to casual clothing from household brand names.

Every brunch you can get a different and incredible combination from those in attendance. You sometimes have people celebrating a birthday or a special occasion at DLT, so those attendees may be more dressy or sometimes it’s a group of people coming together with their friends who they haven’t seen in ages so it’s a more casual affair for them - either way, we love how our audiences show up and show out at DLT. I’m sure the outfit decisions don’t always come easy but we love to see it!

“Style is your stripes, your marks and your character, shown for all to see.”